Explain Yoga for children.

Yoga for children? Yes! Yoga For Children


  • Children ages 3-5 (Yoga-Mitra Mommy&Me) can attend with a parent or caregiver;
  • Youth, ages 6 and above (Yoga-Mitra Youth) can attend without parent/care-giver and have fun growing up
  • Classes can be 30 minutes to 1-hour with centering, warm ups, engaging Yoga, breath-work, quiet time and fun-with-humming sounds
  • Benefits for children are many! Self esteem, mental focus, strength, relief from allergies, relief from depression or anxiety, enhances sports and school performance
  • Please call (512) 445 4457 to register

Did you know martial arts originated from Yoga?

Yoga develops many wonderful qualities in children. Besides the obvious benefits of making the physical body strong and flexible, both Yoga and martial arts sharpen the child’s ability to focus, give self-confidence, and develop self-discipline. And Yoga, practiced regularly, helps children become aware of themselves from the inside out. From this awareness, changes and growth in new and positive directions can blossom. Today's busy lifestyle is creating tremendous stress on children as well and is affecting their physical and mental health. Yoga can build resistance to disease and build stronger immune system and strong minds to counter the bullies inside and outside!

  A » Awareful
  B » Breathing
  C » Calm
  D » Defense against disease
  E » Ease
  F » Focus
  G » Guru (teacher)
  H » Harmony Health and Happiness
  I » Intelligence
  J » Joy
  K » Kind
  L » Love
  M » Meditation
  N » New You!
  O » Om
  P » Peace
  Q » Quiet
  R » Relaxation
  S » Stretch
  T » Thoughts
  U » Union
  V » Vitality
  W » Watchful
  X » Xtraordinary
  Y » Yoga!!!!
  Z » Zzzzzzzz Sleep Better!