Yoga Therapy

Yoga is therapeutic for all ages by its inherent definition and practice. Quick Disclaimer: “The yoga therapy components of our offerings are based on our [non-Yoga Alliance] credentials learnt through 1:1 learnings from a very learned Guru (Dr. Rao) and other training from Vivekananda Kendra and KaivalyaDham, not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry." 

GYHC offers 1:1 and Group Yoga sessions for prevention and reversal/rehabilitation of various diseases, performance enhancement for athletes and much much more.

Enjoy Authentic Learning of Therapeutic Yoga at GYHC.

Yoga Therapy

GYHC going through Accreditation process for its 800-hour Yoga Therapist Training Program through IAYT! Come, learn and heal...

Create Decent Livelihood as an authentic Yoga Therapist!

Enjoy 1:1 and Group Yoga Therapy with Master Coaches P & M.

Yoga can strengthen the immune system as well as aid in disease prevention! With a level head and healthy body, you can beat the bullies who try to bring you down, both inside and outside!