• Yoga Therapy
    Yoga TherapyYoga is therapeutic for all ages by its inherent definition and practice. Quick Disclaimer: “The yoga therapy components of our offerings are based on our [non-Yoga Alliance] Learn More
    Yoga Therapy
  • Laughter Therapy background
    Laughter TherapyHaasya means laughter in Sanskrit! Laughter is still the best medicine! Learn to laugh, breathe, and move to help cleanse the body, mind and soul! This is seriously funny stuff! Learn More
    Laughter Therapy
  • REIKI Background
    REIKIReceive a Reiki treatment and listen to quartz crystal singing bowls with ancient sacred chants in Aramaic, Sanskrit, Mandarin, and Hebrew. Learn MoreJoin Now
  • Aroma Therapy Background
    Aroma TherapyAroma Therapy is an integral part of GYHC services. Learn More
    Aroma Therapy
  • Holistic Nutrition Background
    Holistic NutritionWe all eat, so why not eat right? Contact us for consultations. We'll find the diet that's best suited for you!  Learn MoreJoin Now
    Holistic Nutrition
  • Corporate Wellness Background
    Corporate Wellness:Wellness Friendship Program: For all sized corporations: We can adapt the programs to your needs giving you and your teams our time and services to bring groundbreaking results impacting yourLearn MoreJoin Now
    Corporate Wellness